7 Facts About Sammy Leakey Who Plays Hansel in “Gretel and Hansel”

The days are near for Sammy Leakey to build an unbreakable empire in the Hollywood industry. Remember the name! “My God, Hansel” will probably be the gossipy tidbits around the town about the talented young kid Sammy who plays Hansel in this years’ biggest release Gretel & Hansel (2020).

Before we even take glance of his phenomenal acting, here are seven facts you need to know about Sammy Leaky. Let’s get right into it. Savvy?

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Sammy Leakey
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1) Sammy Leakey Makes His Movie Debut As Hansel in “Gretel and Hansel”

During your childhood, I guess almost everyone has heard about the story of a kid sister and brother kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch. Yes, I’m talking about the Hansel and Gretel, a fairy tale published by The Brothers Grimm in 1812.

Well, Sammy Leakey will be making his acting debut on the movie, portraying the main character of Hansel alongside Sophia Lillis (16), Charles Babalola, Alice Krige and Jessica De Gouw.

Oz Perkins directed the movie, while Rob Hayes and Perkins himself wrote the screenplay. Special thanks to the Fred Berger, Dan Kagan and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, for producing the classic tale.

Back in October 2018, official announcement came that Sophie will play the lead role of Gretel. In the following month, Charles got to make his appearance as The Hunter, who helps the kids to get back home.

Later in the month of April 2019, Jessica (Young Witch) and Alice (The Witch/Holda) joined the cast while Sam got the bigger slice of the cake, and from what we’ve learned that he’s done quite a marvelous acting.

With that being said, the German folklore tale is everyone’s most awaited watch list this year that is set to be released January 31, 2020.

Some other facts about the film Gretel & Hansel

  • Did you notice, why the name of the original fairytale has been altered from Hansel and Gretel to Gretel & Hansel? Well, director Oz Perkins wanted Gretel to look older than Hansel, so that our Sam must hold his sister’s hand wherever he goes. Oh, that’s funny!
  • The classic version’s name swapping leaves fans, making trends like “If this goes well, we’ll release” – ‘The Pigs of 3 Little’, ‘Private Ryan Saving‘, ‘Robin and Batman‘… etc.
  • Sophie helped Rob Hayes and Mr. Perkins to co-write the screenplay.
  • On November 9, 2018, Principal Photography on the film began in Dublin Ireland and wrapped a month and a half later.
  • In early 2019, the additional filming and reshoots completed in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

2) Sammy Leakey As 7 Years Old Caden in ‘MotherFatherSon’

Before landing on his role of a biggest breakthrough as Hansel, Sammy appeared on 2019 mini-series MotherFatherSon alongside Pretty Woman‘s actor Richard Gere, and Helen McCrory.

One of the interesting things is that it was not only the first TV appearance of Sam but also a first major TV role for Gere.

In the BBC Studios television series, Sammy Leaky acted as a younger version of Billy Howle‘s character Caden Finch.

Sammy appeared on regularly on the first three episodes of MotherFatherSon, which aired on 6th March, 2019, and ended on April 24, 2019.

3) Personal Management By Mark Jermin Management

Sammy Leakey currently seeks nurturing by Mark Jermin Management based in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. MJM is a leading talent agency, specialising in personal management and professional representation.

Most probably, Sammy got his acting skills sharpened from Mark Jermin Stage School which have been providing an ample opportunity in gaining pro-experience in theatre, television and films.

Oh, and yes, Mark Jermin Management mainly looks after children and adults. Ring the bell if you or you children’s do show an interest and are nearby!

4) Sammy Leakey’s Real Name Is Samuel Leakey

Yes, the Gretel and Hansel’s actor Sammy’s real name is Samuel Leakey. Unlike other famed stars, the little kid got his nickname, Sammy Leakey.

One thing for sure is that the forename Sammy is easy to be called (during the production of Gretel & Hansel apparently) and next thing is what I guess – comes from the rhyme of his surname.

Not only that, but Sammy is also known from his abbreviated name ‘Sam Leakey.’

5) Sammy Leakey Is Just 8 Years Old | Age & Physiques

Our little Hansel, Sammy Leakey is eight years old as of now.

It might sound strange if the eight years old kid got that spirit to portray one of the iconic characters of everyone’s childhood fairytale, but yes he did it! And it might be one of the greatest roles, played by any child of that age.

Besides, the cute boy stands fair with a pair of blue eyes and brown hair, which looks astonishing. I wonder, how many ladies will fall for him when he becomes a man!

6) Upcoming Movies of Sammy Leakey

Gretel & Hansel surely lined up many contracts for the young talented actor. Meanwhile, Leakey sets to appear on Twist, an action/drama film this year.

The movie is all about the modern version of the Charles Dickens‘ classic Oliver Twist. Sammy Leakey will appear alongside some of the biggest names of Hollywood that include Game of Thrones’ actress Lena Headey, Michael Caine, and Rita Ora.

The upcoming British drama movie Twist, directed by Martin Owen, already started post-production.

7) An Inclining Future In ‘Hollywood’

While the kid made a remarkable entrance in Hollywood film industry, many rising stars like Paul Mescal, Charlotte Beaumont, are in fear of overlapping a sound career.

Sammy will surely have a great endeavor in the entertainment industry. The eight years old kid achieved what other’s will fail their entire life.

The exact details of either Sammy Leakey’s parents’ fortune, or his net worth still below the radar.

However, his paycheck from this movie will surely determine the upcoming big projects which will lead in having a pocket full of goldfish to this young talent.

Did we miss anything? If yes then mail us right now! We’ll be glad to credit you.

That’s all for now. I know that’s too few about Sammy Leakey. However, we’ll make sure to update every bit of info we find on about him, if you hit the bell icon.

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