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Rohan Chand is an American child actor. He has appeared in a lot of hit movies. He has appeared in Movies like jack and jill, Lone survivor, and bad words, and a lot more. Chand also appeared in the Crossfire episode of the homeland. in welcome to the jungle in 2017 and Jumanji, he made a cameo appearance. He was born on July 24, 2003, in New York US. As of 2020, he is 17 years now. He starred as Mowgli in the warner Bros Film Mowgli; Legend of the jungle.

Life & Carrier of Rohan Chand

Rohan Chand Parents are of Indian Descent and he was born to then in New York City. He used to play baseball. Once when he was six years old, a casting director spotted him while playing baseball. After that, he encouraged Rohan, the audition for a role in Adam Sandler’s film Jack and Jill. Chand ultimately won the role of Sandler’s on-screen adopted son, and the movie was released in the year 2011. After that, his next role was in 2011 in the episode of homeland titled Crossfire in which he played the role of Issa Nazir. The young son of the series. In the movie, there is a central terrorist who forms a close relationship with an American soldier. Which was played by Damian Lewis.

Chand Appearance in Screen

The movie of  2013 Lone survivor. Rohan played the son of an Afghan who provides assistance to an American NavySeal which was played by Mark Wahlberg and spoke in Hindi and Urdu for the part. Rohan was embraced by his new carrier. Chand uses every opportunity to learn as much as possible about his film and community. As he continues to develop his acting skills in diverse and challenging roles. Peter Berg lone survivor, with Mark Wahlberg in his co-leading role in Jason Bateman’s directorial debut Bad words, is the movie and series he has been seen. Chand has been appeared in Jumanji, welcome to the jungle. Now he also can be seen in Netflix’s Mowgli who is known as the legend of the jungle in 2018 in the title role.

Rohan Chand in the picture given above

In April 2014, it was announced that Chand would star alongside lea michile in dreamwork animation Bollywood-style musical Bollywood superstar monkey. Also, Chand was cast in Andy Serkis’ Mowgli: Legend of the jungle. The film was released in November 2018 with the leading role of Mowgli and which was acted by rohan chand.

Name Rohan Chand
Nick Name Chand
Profession Actor
Famous role Mowgli (2018)
Date of birth 2004
Birthplace New York City the USA
Nationality American
Home town  New York City the USA
marital status unmarried
School A school in Brooklyn
Education Qualification Studying
Age(in 2020) 17 years
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Black
Caste Ethnicity Asian (Indian)
Mother Name not Known
Father Rob Chand
Height  1.57m

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Rohan Chand Net worth, Height and Girlfriend

Rohan Chand is an American actor who has played a lot of roles in hit movies. he has played in various movies and series. with his deep interest in the process of movie-making, Chand uses every opportunity to learn as much as possible. He never let go of any chances. As well he is very hard working. He really works hard for his acting skills in diverse and challenging roles. Net worth 18 million dollars is guessed of rohan chand as calculation. His height is to be 1.57m. Rohan Chand has no girlfriends right now. Chand is only 17 years now and since now he hasn’t dated any girls. Like other celebrities, he likes to hide the things of his personal life.

Social Media

Rohan Chand is an American actor who has earned a lot of frames all over the world. Portraying Mowgli in the 2018 fantasy, drama, Adventurous film Mowgli: the legend of the jungle is the best where rohan is known for.His appearance as Chaitanya Chopra in the 2013 Comedy drama Flim was Bad Words. Talking about social media he uses Instagram and Twitter. he has 614 followers on Twitter and he has 9796 followers on Instagram.

Instagram: rohan_chand

Twitter: Rohan Chand

Rohan Chand in Mowgli character

Interesting facts about Rohan

  • Rohan was born in New York City to his parents having roots in India.
  • At his small age, he got recognized by a director at the place where he was playing baseball.
  • The director forced to give an audition for a role in Adam sander’s film Jack Hill and got the role of adopted son and it became his debut in 2011.
  • Rohan starred in an American adventure comedy film Jumanji, welcome to the jungle as a young guide at the bazaar.
  • He played the younger version of the main character named Young Hassan Haji in the movie the hundred-foot journey.
  • His birth sign is Leo.













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