Arthur Gunn Might Be The New American Idol ‘2020’

Arthur Gunn (who hails from Kathmandu, Nepal), leaves the judges and spectators begging for more on the Monday night debut of Hollywood Week on March 16. He even advances to the ‘Top 20.’

Believe it or not, while the show just started, Arthur has already won the heart of millions worldwide. “This Guy is a Real Gem.” And here’s why Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur might be the new American Idol 2020.

Arthur Gun AKA DIbesh Pokeral Performing His Songs
Arthur Gun AKA DIbesh Pokharel

Arthur Gunn Audition: We’ve Heard It Before, Right?

Have you ever checked the backgrounds of some of the greatest musicians like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, and Eric Clapton? Do you find something common leaving the passion for music aside? Well, I see some helluva struggle in all of them.

And one of the most interesting things to look at in any true musician’s life is how they kickstart their career. Arthur, 21, has a similar fate since he walked down to the American Idol audition.

Wichita Eagle reported that the young & talented kid from Kansas submitted an online audition, which thereafter led him to in-persons audition, which had attracted a huge crowd last September.

Feels like something’s cooking in the life of Arthur, who moved in Wichita, Kansas after graduating high school. For about six years now, Gunn lives with his parents and sister Rupa who showed a great level of support to her brother in the debut of Hollywood Week.

Before that, Dibesh Pokharel performed at local pubs in Nepal, mainly in a friend’s gathering. Not to forget his classic voice on album “Khoj” where he released three singles including “Karnali (The River),” “Ma,” and “Khoj” in 2019.

Wows The Audience, Judges Begs For More

Arthur Gunn made a good impression when he first stepped on American Idol’s Sunday night premiere on February 16. Exactly a month later, Arthur leaves the people around the world in awe, while judges beg for more of his classic music explorations.

Who doesn’t begs for more, after you find a living legend in front of you? I’m sorry if I’m exaggerating this guy but I can truly feel his powerful voice.

Gunn gave a marvelous performance of two songs: Bob Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country” and CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.

After the latest performance of The Black Crowes‘ “Hard To Handle“, Katy Perry screams “More” while the other two judges and audience felt the same.

Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie believe that this lad has something extra-ordinary, something unique that nobody hates.

Which is why Luke admits “I think he might be the biggest star we’ve ever had on ‘American Idol.’”

Bryan even tweeted about Arthur Gunn saying “This dude. I could listen all day.”

“I want you to understand something, and this is me talking to you,” Richie said. “You have no idea what this journey is going to be for you. You are the story that we need to tell, and welcome to the world, my friend” says Richie after walking on stage with Arthur admitting “Oh my god, I am loving this discovery,”

One of the fans even quoted, “He may or may not win this show. But he will make a bigger name in the music, because of his unique raspy voice. People get tired of almost identical same old same old vocal.”

Surely the kid has a lot to say through his voice, but for now, let’s just hope that he gets what deserves.

Lionel Richie Cries After Arthur Gunn’s Amazing Spin on CCR Classic

On March 23, American Idol aired the Hollywood Week Solo where we can see how the judges get emotional from Gunn’s touching voice. In fact, Lionel said, “that makes me cry”.

Arthur’s duet didn’t air which happened the night before he performed the solo spin on CCR’ ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’.

Arthur was paired with Amber Fiedler, the girl who auditioned while nine-month pregnancy and gave birth to a baby boy before Hollywood Week.

Well, the complete different arrangement of the solo was exceptional. Much applauding that it left the duet recording inside the memory without going live. It worked- the experiment paid off very well, my boy. We are very proud of you.

His performance was early in the show this time, but finally, in the end they kept him in one of the groups that move to the next round which is set in Hawaii.

Arthur Gunn Advances To The Top 20

Aloha, Aloha…

You were really amazing Arthur, the night you performed Bob Marley‘s classic “Is This Love” in Hawaii.

While Arthur had a tough time in front of a lot of people, it looks like he’s kind of fallen in love with it.

Look at now where he is – on stage in Hawaii with hundreds of people singing along, from every corner of his heart.

You deserve this. You deserve the Top 20 spot as much as the judges mentioned, ‘you were the easiest decision for them.’

“I really didn’t expect that I’d be this far,”  says Arthur Gunn “I’m still trying to grasp it all.

“Arthur you really are one of the most unique contestants” admitted Lionel Ritchie who had no idea what to expect from him “then you open your mouth, you’d instant identity”.

Go on boy! You truly are a shining star.

Arthur Gunn Covers Wynonie Harris’ “Lovin’ Machine”

American Idol stood from the rest of the shows airing its April 27 Sunday night’s episode from the cast and contestants’ residence.

During the time of the COVID-19 lockdown, the 18th season of ABC singing competition’s judges made history broadcasting from satellite feeds.

And this time, the Nepalese singer living in Kansas, Arthur Gunn covered Lovin’ Machine, a 1951 Rock song by Wyonie Harris.

Gunn truly sang the words through his soul. It was amazing to watch, how he flutters his eyes despite Perry’s advice to stop it, which could be an advantage for him.

“Your complete shyness is your secret weapon,” Lionel Richie admitted, “You draw us into where we think your gonna shut down, and then all of sudden you just give it to us.”

Similarly, “Once you really start understanding how potentially ginormous of a star you can be man, it’s just gonna be like a wildfire,” Bryan noted that his natural vocal ability is undeniable, “Great job, man.”

Arthur Gunn “Into The Top 11” – Go On CowBoy

On Sunday night March 3, Arthur Gunn added a reggae twist on John Denver’s “Country Roads, Take Me Home”.

When you make John Denver song with a reggae twist on it, and it’s unbelievable, my friend” Judge Lionel Richie voiced “It’s all the way to a hit record for you, I love what you did”.

Above all, the 21 years old from Kanas Arthur Gunn makes it to the “American Idol” Top 11 list.

Featuring the contestants from their homes during COVID-19 lockdown, the 18th season of ABC’s singing competition narrowed down its list to 11 from Top 20. The judges saved one additional singer after audience votes determined 10 finalists.

Anyway, next week four contestants won’t make it through Top 7. If you are a fan of Arthur Gunn, then you can vote online or by texting 16 to 21523.

Here Are Some Fascinating Facts About Arthur Gunn

  • Born in the year 1999, Arthur Gunn currently walks on 21st years of his life.
  • ‘A love-filled childhood.’ When Arthur was a kid, his mother gave him his first guitar.
  • The ABC singing competition’s 18th season featured Arthur Gunn in a seven-minute clip on the opening episode.
  • Similarly, Gunn’s attitude towards the judges and other contestants adds more value. Even more, the gratitude towards his homeland Nepal, (introducing ‘Namaste’ and Mount Everest) surely paved a warm path for the support from his nation.


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