Who is Ben Mallah? Net Worth, Wife, House, Age, Story

Ben Mallah who gambols in his Rolls-Royce Phantoms around Tampa/St. Pete is a real estate tycoon. Ben, whose net worth is in millions, owns a large amount of commercial and residential real estate.

Ben Mallah Rolls Royce
Ben Mallah’s Rolls Royce

But to reach up to the height of where he is now, was not easy. Surely, Mallah who built an empire picking up garbage, had to play real hard.

Yes you heard that right!

Let’s get to know the real story of Ben Mallah including his short biography, age, wife, net worth in 2020, and more.

Who is Ben Mallah?

Ben Mallah, a ‘Real Estate Mogul’ who built his million-dollar empire from scratch, plays ‘ monopoly for real.’

What Ben actually does is, he bus dilapidated houses, large hotels, buildings, apartments, and shopping centers and fixes them to flip a real profit.

Age, Height, Diet And Physiques

Ben was born as Benjamin Mallah on 29 October 1965. The self-made millionaire is originally from Rockaway, Queens, and holds an American nationality.

The 54 years old real estate tycoon stands at the height of 6 ft 3 inches (190cm) on the ground weighing 181 kg (400 lbs)

What Ben’s Daily Diet consists of?

During a podcast with Koncrete, Ben joked that he wakes up at 6 in the morning, take a piss, and then go back to bed. He usually wakes up at 8 a.m., while his wife is gone with their children.

Then he has a big cup of coffee right next to his bed waiting for him to get busy. He actually smokes in his room.

I think that’s unhealthy for a man with so much weight and work to do. Seriously, Ben you should focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle! (Smoking ain’t a crime, and I don’t hate smokers, I was one of them back some time.)

He even got angry when Sunday closes for ‘chicken.’ Well, he says practice whatever religion you want but don’t control business over religion.

In 2013, the doctor advised him to maintain his lifestyle, nor he’d be lucky to live another 5 years. It’s 2020, and still Ben Mallah is hustling. Hat’s off man!

Early Life, & Childhood

Mallah was born & raised in Rockaway Queens, New York. He came from a lower-class family and spent most of his time working in New York projects. Ben quit school at 14 years of age.

It was there, he learned to hustle and get ahead in life. Well, that’s the same mentality ‘Big-Ben’ uses in his business today.

Real Estate investor Ben Mallah once admitted that the truth about his early childhood stealing cars in New York City.

Ben’s uncle (whose name is also Ben Mallah), was in the New York Mob his whole life. Uncle Ben introduced his nephew to a life of crime when he was 16 years old.

He didn’t like the work of his uncle, who got convicted fоr а соnѕріrасу tо dіѕtrіbutе hаrd drugѕ іn Nеw Yоrk. Despite being poor, he lived up to his dignity.

Ben even worked as a messenger to office work until he joined the army at the age of 17.

How did Ben Mallah get started? The Real Story

The New York native, Ben first worked as a messenger at Wolf Street until he flew away joining the army.

He then settled down in Calif., where Ben Mallah multi-million business commenced. He did some other several works to live up in the neighborhood. It’s not what it was back then as it seems now.

At the age of 22 years old, Mallah was stationed in Oakland, after a stint in Germany. Ben impressed the landlord with his work ethic, who puts him in charge of the building.

That’s when he learned to manage both the interior and exterior business of a building. After years of experience, he left the army to partner with Wilton’s Marwil Investments. Wilton’s bought, managed, and sold the buildings and divided the profits.

Then he did it on his own; bought several houses, and flipped into profit.

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First, he bought a run-down house worth $27,500 from the money he managed to gather from selling a couple of cars. Guess what? He flipped the house for $100,000, a total of $72,500 in profit.

This went on for a while in California, until he settled with his family in Florida.

Today, even after thirty years, he does the same job that made him a self-made real estate “tycoon”.

The Real Estate Tycoon At His Golf Front Mansion
Ben Mallah enjoys his time at his golf-front mansion

The is no secret to his success. Mallah admits that it’s nothing more than common sense, “You find something that has value in it, if it’s beat up, fix it up. I started out by buying boarded-up crack houses in Oakland, Calif. and fixing them up with less than reputable people.”

One of the most interesting characteristics of Mallah is the ability to level and find common ground with almost anyone. In fact, this is how he got to the level of where he is today.

Ben Mallah Net Worth 2020: What does Mallah own?

Ben believes that he’s a guy who plays ‘monopoly’ for real. Being one of the biggest investors in Tampa Bay, Ben owns a real estate portfolio worth more than $250 million.

As of 2020, Ben Mallah net worth is $250 Million.

House & Golf Front Mansion

For his family, he devoted

The house has a pool that meanders through the 2½-acre property, wine cellar, trophy room, bowling alley, six-car garage, two-story paneled library, and castle-like balconies.

Before that, he sold Clearwater Harbor mansion for $7.5 Million and listed his Reddington Beach house him for $3.2 million.

Clearwater Beach Mansion of The Real Estate Mogul
Ben Mallah’s Mansion at Clearwater Beach FL

He also purchased a mansion with 200 feet of private beach in Belleair Shore for $8 Million.


Today, Mallah owns some of the most luxurious cars out there.

His garage is loaded with the pack of $350,000 worth 1948 “Bob Hope Special”, four Rolls-Royce Phantoms starting from $450,000. Likewise, he’s filled car collection with Bentley Continental GT and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

And yes, he continued hustling in the car business as well.

He purchased the 1989 – 1992 era Batmobile, which in “Batman Returns”. Ben had bought the Batmobile for $225,000, and later sold it for $315,000 to comedian Jeff Dunham.

Which hotels does Ben Mallah own?

After taking the аdvаntаgе оf thе rесеѕѕіоn уеаrѕ in which he bоught assets аt lower рrісеѕ аnd sold thеm аt huge, the luсrаtіvе buѕіnеѕѕmаn started іnvеѕting іn hоtеlѕ.

Pinellas County real estate investor Ben Mallah owns seven hotels including the Sheraton Tampa Suites Airport Westshore.

Few weeks after purchasing the Marina at John’s Pass for $17.2 million, Ben sold an Orlando hotel near Disney World for $33.5 million.

Buying the Marriott’s Courtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista for $21 million, Mallah spent another $5 million on renovations.

Mallah already sold a Four Points Sheraton of nearby Orlando, which is now owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which is a subsidiary of Marriott International.

Similarly, he sold the Hawthorne Suites in Orlando for $14.4 million.

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Who is Ben Mallah’s wife? Married Life & Kids

Ben Mallah walked down the aisle with his wife Karla Nila in 2004. Together, they share three children; Ben Mallah Jr., Vinson Mallah, and Aaron Mallah.

Ben Mallah Family: Wife, Kids
Ben Mallah with his family

In 2019, Ben gushed some words for his wife on Twitter. He wrote;

“My wife was worth 250k tax-free the day I married her. On the other hand I’ve been paying ever since.”

Mallah relishes a typical married relationship with his wife. He admits that in the morning, he takes whatever his wife leftover (eggs) the stove in their kitchen.

Sometimes, his kids are hungry, and maybe less the next time, and depending on how sooner he wakes up or after his children run for the school, he manages his way out to help himself.

His wife seems motherly and very nice. Ben truly loves his wife and kids while the family is his main priority than business.

”Money, power, respect…all mean nothing if you are unable to enjoy them with the ones you love.” – Ben Mallah

During weekends, Ben and his wife fly their children around Florida and the Caribbean. They rent an expensive yacht to spend their holiday.

Some Famous Quotes By Ben

”If you practice real estate religiously you will be a Land Lord.”

“I hated seeing other people live better than I did.”

”If I make a deal I make a deal, and when I go to sell that property, I’m giving them the option to sell it for me.”

”In real estate, you have to exercise a limit of greed to protect you from a possible bleed.”

”If rates go up you lose, if they go down you win.”

”Stop moaning the banks are loaning. Stop crying and start buying.”

”Remember the Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.”

”It’s never too early and never too late for you to secure you and your family’s future in real estate.”

That’s all about Ben Mallah, and I find the story very interesting. If you loved it, share it with your friends.


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