Einstein Relativity: The purpose of existence of Life and Universe

“Einstein Relativity”: I was staring at sky wind is flowing with memory twilight sky gives beauty stars are fallen like a sweet dream cloud has gone and beloved moon arises a thousand questions in mind ‘why does the universe exist?’ ‘what is the purpose of existence of life?’ ‘why stars planet doesn’t fall to earth?’

An unknown question and secret answer are flowing with smoke and coffee at twilight night.

Einstein Relativity: What do you know about Universe and Time?

Universe has a lot of secrets. Whatever we know about the universe is like a drop of water. Similarly, whatever we don’t know is like an ocean.

Space and times are two major facts of the universe as time doesn’t have an ending point and it is always directed towards the forward direction.

Einstein Relativity, Why Does Universe Exist?`
Einstein Relativity, Why Does Universe Exist?`

It can’t be proved through logic because there are certain hidden realities in nature that can’t be proved through logic. Newton’s gravity gives rise to accurate planetary motion but it doesn’t give a reason ‘why planets are moving?’ , ‘What is the reason behind that?’

Einstein spacetime curvature gives a beautiful concept in gravity as space has three dimensions and time has one dimension. As mass in space curve space which gives rise motion of a planet and other stuff reality is that beautiful concept of einstein relativity is about the reality of time traveler. Is time travel possible? If possible then where are the tourist from the future?

When we travel with the speed of light in space our moving time is fast and our motion of the earth is slow compared with each other at that moment. If we come back to earth our friends will be old but we will be young this is the concept of time travel.

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Einstein Relativity also give rise one conclusion that everything in this universe is made of spacetime as nothing is empty on universe as gravity bends light it also give rise existence of black hole which have higher gravity in-universe because density is too much high and space is curved too much as light travel in straight light but at curve space, it bends but beautiful thing is that gravity bends light then why universe exists – it is unknown secret of universe.

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