Ferdia Shaw: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Artemis Fowl’ Actor

If you’re familiar with “Artemis Fowl“, then you’ve come to the right place to know about Ferdia Shaw, who did justice to the role.

In fact, we’ll be pointing out some unknown and interesting facts of the real-life Artemis Fowl, including Ferdia Shaw biography and more.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Ferdia Shaw acting career; net worth salary, movies, tv shows
Ferdia Shaw

Who is Artemis Fowl Actor Ferida Shaw?

Irish actor Ferdia Shaw came to limelight after he landed on his role as Artemis Fowl II on American fantasy/adventure movie “Artemis Fowl“, based on Eoin Colfer‘s novel of the same name.

In December 2017, Ferdia was announced to play the part after being chosen from 1,200 candidates.

Ferdia Shaw, who is also a member of Young Irish Film Makers, is represented by The Lisa Richards Agency, which represents a renowned actor like Pierce Brosnan and Nick Dunning.

Besides, the vegan boy has concerns about ethical treatment to animals, and aware of environmental crisis and climate change despite the young age.

Moreover, we’ve learned that the avid book reader, Ferdia enjoys science fiction and fantasy. Well it might be the reason for him, getting his hand to one of the most awaited of 2019 shifted 2020 movie Artemis Fowl.

Ferdia Shaw’s Parents, Grandfather, Early & Life Education

Ferdia Shaw was born to his parents Colin Shaw (father), and Lucy Glendinning (mother).

Most importantly, he’s the grandson of English actor as well as a novelist Robert Shaw, known for some acclaimed movies including, The Sting, Jaws, and From Russia with Love.

Looks like the 15 years aged actor from Dublin, surely has a very close kinship with his grandfather.

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Anyway, Ferdia mostly grew up in Kilkenny with his family and siblings. Oh yes, he has two older siblings Tiernan Shaw, a brother, and a sister named Maeve Shaw.

As for his education, Ferdia attends the local secondary Gaelscoil, where students learn through the native language.

How old is Ferdia Shaw? Age, Birthday & Hobbies

Ferdia Shaw was born with the sign of Cancer on 29 June 2004, in Dublin Ireland. Shaw will celebrate his 16th birthday this June.

As of now, Ferdia Shaw is 15 years old.

Ferdia for being Cancerians, kind of shades emotional, sensitive, nurturing, as well as highly intuitive attitudes, and at times insecure.

Be that as it may, as a young boy he liked playing board games and cards. He mainly prefers ‘Talisman: The Magical Quest Game’ a fantasy-themed adventure board game.

Meanwhile, he’s learned a lot from Star Wars from his 15 years of life voyage.

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Ferdia Shaw Body Measurements: Height & Weight

The Irish teenage actor Feria Shaw stands at a tall height of 5 ft 4 inches (162.5 cm) on the ground weighing around 118.0 lb (53.5 kg).

Similarly, with dark brown hair and eyes, Ferdia’s mesomorph body fits in the shoe size of 5.

The famous actor stands tall at a height of 5 feet 0 inches. He weighs 45 kg. Ferdia is a built-in Mesomorph body type and his eyes and hair are dark browns. He wears a shoe size of 5.

A Remarkable Debut as ‘Artemis Fowl’

Withstanding more than twelve hundred young artists for a role, Ferdia made an exceptional on-screen debut for Artemis Fowl II.

Artemis Fowl cast: Lara McDonnell, Ferdia Shaw
Lara plays Captain Holly Short in Artemis Fowl.

Written by Conor McPherson and directed by Kenneth Branagh, Artemis Fowl is the science fantasy adventure movie based on Eoin Colfer’s novel.

A descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius who searches for his mysteriously disappeared father. Moreover, the film shows how he encounters conflict with the hidden world of the fairies.

The movie adjusted some of the honorable talents including young actress Lara McDonnell, Tamara SmartColin Farrell, Nonso Anozie, Josh Gad, Skyfall star Judi Dench and Nikesh Patel.

Lara portrays the character Captain Holly Short, who is an 80-year old elven reconnaissance officer of the Lower Elements Police (LEPrecon).

Colin Farrell is the senior Artemis Fowl, while Judi is a commander root.

Judi Dench plays commander root in Artemis Fowl
Judi Dench plays commander root in Artemis Fowl

The movie was shot in Northern Ireland, England, Ho Chi Minh City, and Longcross Studios.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures officially set to release the film on August 9, 2019, but was later scheduled to release in cinemas on May 29th. It will be available on Disney+ on June 12, 2020.

Ferdia Shaw Acting Career | Movies and TV Shows

The Irish actor Ferdia just had a major breakthrough. But, he’s been hanging to the industry for some time.

Ferdia has already performed in numbers of local theatre productions with Barnstorm Theatre Company. Moreover, he can found in a short film as a part of the ‘Kilkenny Famine Experience’.

Ferdi Shaw young, childhood, family, siblings, parents, mother, father, brother, siblings
Little Ferdia

Being a member of Young Irish Film Makers, Ferdia came up with the opportunity to learn about the technical aspects of film making, and has even made his own short films.

Of course, with his grandfather legacy, the boy has some links to boost his career. But I guess that does not count when you’ve a distinct aura of your own; not to forget those candidates he left behind with his acting skills.

It looks like, Ferdia Shaw will do pretty good in his acting career.

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What is Ferdia Shaw’s Net Worth?

Being just featured on a big screen and as a lead role, surely Ferdia bagged a handful of money. His salary or the paycheck from the movie Artemis Fowl is still unknown.

However, we’ve estimated that Ferdia Shaw’s net worth is less than $100 thousand after appearing as a lead role on screen.

Nevertheless, he lives a lavish lifestyle with his parents in Kilkenny.

The talented Irish lad has a bright future career. He’ll surely amass a fortune with his acting skills before.

Who is Ferdia Shaw’s Girlfriend? Is he Dating or Single?

Ferdia and his co-star Lara McDonnell seem pretty close together. Their friendship may turn into a close relationship one day.

But as for now, their close friendship looks just fine.

Is Lara McDonnell dating her costar
Ferdia Shaw and Lara McDonnell

As of the current writing, Ferdia is not involved in dating relationships with any girlfriend. But that does not mean, he has harsh feelings.

He may be in a secret relationship, but what we see through our eyes is very less, especially for a young boy who just had a breakthrough career.

Yes, he’s busy with his career. Meanwhile for young girls who adore him, I’ll try to leave you some of his likings. Most of his time, he’s busy with his family on vacation, while he loves water sports.

For the moment, I’ll leave it to that, wishing that he finds the true love of his life.

That’s all you need to know about Ferdia Shaw. If you feel there’s anything incomplete, make sure to write us.

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