Mary Marquardt (Harrison Ford’s first wife’s facts to know)

Mary Marquardt is a late illustrator and chef. Therefore, she is famous for her wedding to American actor Harrison Ford. She was married to Ford in 1964 and got a divorce in 1979. Marquardt is oftentimes attributed with supporting Harrison through thick and thin during the beginning step of his career. Ford rose his acting career in 1964, soon after joining the bond with Mary. Additionally, he came to his breakthrough character of Han Solo in George Lucas-directed epic space-opera flick, ‘Star Wars,’ when he was yet united to Marquardt. Marquardt and Ford have two sons, Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford. Their oldest son Benjamin chose to follow in his mother’s steps to become a chef. While her youngest son Willard Ford went on to grow a successful clothier. Mary currently resides in the United States of America where she remains to sustain a low profile.

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Mary Marquardt in the image above
Mary Marquardt in the image above

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 Quick Facts

Full Name: Mary Marquardt
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Blonde
Build: Slim
Profession: Chef
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse: Harrison Ford
Children: 2

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Early Life and Education

Mary Marquardt was born in 1945 in the United States of America. After ending high school, she enrolled in the prestigious liberal arts college, Ripon College, in Ripon, Wisconsin. She graduated from college with a degree in Culinary Arts. She met her later spouse Harrison Ford in the same college where he was also proceeding a major in philosophy. It was also exposed that Mary was one of the most famous cheerleaders throughout their college days.

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Professional Life 

Following graduation from university, she began to turn her focus towards becoming a chef. Her passion for food ultimately drove her to grow into a professional chef working in restaurants. There is short information concerning what restaurants she served in but it was known that along with her grownup son Benjamin, she worked at Ford Filling Station located at The Marriott, L.A. Live, Los Angeles that is co-owned by her ex-husband Harrison Ford.

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Mary Marquardt Met Harrison in Ripon College

 Harrison Ford and Mary Marquardt

Mary Marquard and Harrison Ford both progressed to Ripon College in Wisconsin. When they first met, Ford was simply a college scholar who in the quarter of his senior college years began to take curiosity in acting class to take over his modesty but constantly grew further invested in acting. He acted in Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera where he first met with Mary. And long story short, that’s how everything started.

Mary and Harrison got married on June 18, 1964. Throughout the beginning stage of his acting profession, Ford struggled to settle any decent gigs. Obviously, Marquardt was so supportive of him and indeed urged him to move to Los Angeles to appeal for a career in radio voice-overs. Ford didn’t get the work nevertheless signed a $150 per week agreement with Columbia Pictures’ new talent program. The duo was glorified with their first son, Benjamin Ford, on September 22, 1966. Following 3 years of the birth of their first child, on May 14, 1969, the pair embraced their next son Willard Ford. While Harrison did not get aspired acting works, Mary too encouraged her family through her chef jobs as much as she could. Her husband Harrison even caught carpeting works to support the family.

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Harrison Ford’s Popularity overshadowed their Marriage

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford
Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford ultimately got the big break in his career after portraying the iconic role of Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise. It seemed like the challenging times for the Ford family had moved away. Nevertheless, with rising popularity grew a new set of obstacles for the couple.

Harrison was a ladies’ man and he couldn’t keep him off from diverse relationship tales that flowed the media. As time went by, the couple began to get farther from each other. Ultimately, it struct tough on their 15 years of marriage and they had to call it quits.

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Copious Unfaithfulness Disgraces Twisted into Nightmare

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford’s relationship was gently bothering them as Harrison was enjoying his new fame through Stars Wars. In 1979, Mary and her husband settled their divorce. Their divorce news was embroiled with speculation and accusation of unfaithfulness on side of Harrison.

It was stated that Mary had found her partner in bed with another lady which consequently drove to their separation. There were several speculations concerning who the mystery woman was. At the time of their split, many thought that the lady in rumors was TV personality and screenwriter Melissa Mathison with whom Ford ultimately got mated a couple of years later. Their courting has born a son named Malcolm Ford and a daughter Georgia Ford.

Only after four decades, it was exposed that reasonably the lady that Mary saw with her husband was none other than his co-star Carrie Fisher who performed the iconic role of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. Just prior to her sudden death at the age of 60, Carrie’s Memoir ‘The Princess Diarist,’ was issued that circled around her 3 months relationship with Harrison who was a married guy at that time.

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She is Struggling with Multiple Sclerosis

Mary Marquardt has not been easy after her divorce. Raising two immature boys is a tough task in itself, though she got another hard knock on her life in the form of a fatal syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is a changeable condition of the central nervous system, that obstructs the flow of messages within the brain and between the brain and the body. After the news of her suffering from the disease, many tales concerning her departure also began to flow in 2018. But as of now, she is yet battling out her disease and her sons are taking care of her. And, she does not cook anymore because of her deteriorating health.

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Is Mary Married?

During all these years, her difficult relationship with her ex-husband has also gradually become better over the years. While her ex-husband moved on to marry two more times, Mary has lived single up until now. She also stays away from the media attention and does not seem to be particularly interested in that things.

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Mary’s Son Benjamin & Williard Ford have nevermore Laid a Foot in the Entertainment Industry

Mary Marquardt’s eldest step-son, Benjamin Ford had chosen to follow in his mother’s footsteps and chose a career in cooking. He has said that following his early days, his mother was an important figure in his life and how his childhood is saturated with memories of his mother preparing delicious meals for him and his brother. He runs as a professional chef and owns the restaurant Ford’s Filling Station gastropubs located at The Marriott, L.A. Live, Los Angeles, and at LAX Terminal 5. He is happily married to Emily Tomerlin and has two children. His son Ethan was born in 2000.

Mary’s second son Willard Ford has not followed any of his parent’s footsteps and moderately has grown himself as a clothier. He owns a Strong Sports Gym, a boxing gym in Los Angeles, and Ludwig Clothing Company. Willard also co-owns Ford & Ching. He has a son Eliel who was born in 1993.

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She was there for him while he had Zero but he left her when he had Everything

Mary Marquardt mated Ford while he was broke for genuinely. She saw something in him that no one required to recognize. She couldn’t mind less if he had money or not, all she did was love him with her complete heart. From 1964 to 1973, he didn’t have any suitable project. To put food on the table he had to work as a carpenter. But Mary didn’t complain. She encouraged him with the jobs and worked herself day in and day out so that Ford could proceed with his goal. She believed in him!

In 1973, he played Bob Falfa, a bad-tempered drag racer in “American Graffiti.” That put him on the map for future projects. However, it was 1977’s Star War that actually made him the star he is right now. And, the popularity just got into his head. He forgot what his wife had dedicated for him and just walked on with his life. Although we don’t know if Mary is still alive, we hope she gets the love she deserves from his family and everyone around her.

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