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Olivia Pacino – All About ‘Scarface’ Actor Al Pacino’s Daughter

Olivia Pacino, daughter of the iconic Hollywood figure Al Pacino, is all grown up lady now. Al Pacino will soon step into his eighties, but the real deal is her daughter is just 19. Sixty years difference is too late, right?

Also, her father prohibited paparazzi from plunging into her personal life. But will she be able to keep her aside from the spotlight?

Find out in detail about Olivia, including her childhood, family, education, & career. Without further ado, let’s roll down into the lifestyle & biography of Al Pacino’s daughter.

Al Pacino daughter Olivia Pacino poses in the streets of LA.
Source: Instagram

Facts Panel of Olivia

Full Name Olivia Rose Pacino
Age 19 years
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Birthplace New York, USA
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Father Al Pacino
Mother Beverly D’Angelo
Boyfriend Ryan Harley
Net Worth $100k – $1 Million

Who is Olivia Pacino? Parents, Siblings, & Early Life

At the very late age of sixty years old, Al Pacino gave birth to her daughter Olivia Pacino. It might’ve been even worse to Olivia’s mother Beverly D’Angelo, who were in her late forties at the time she gave to twins.

Yes, you heard that right! Olivia Pacino came to this world along with her twin sibling brother, Anton James Pacino on 25th of January, 2001.

Olivia Pacino attends the red carpet with her father and siblings.
Source: Instagram

Surely, it’d been very unpleasant to the American actress as well as a famous singer Beverly to raise twins in New York, six years after her divorce with her ex-husband Don Lorenzo Salviati.

Let’s cut it out short, the main reason why Al Pacino had a late drama of children is even more exciting. The truth is Olivia Pacino’s parents were never married.

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Yes, the still unmarried man Al Pacino, gave birth to his daughter Olivia and only son Anton from his relationship with girlfriend Beverly.

Nonetheless, they never vowed to each other, and parted their ways from a living relationship in the year 2003.


“I got pregnant at 48, delivered six weeks after I was 49, and by 51, I was looking at a landscape as a single parent,” Beverly once explained, says CloserWeekly.

In fact, the tough man has quite a remarkable stories of having dated many girlfriends throughout his lifetime. Surprising thing is that he still relishes the beauty of his life dating younger chicks.

Before Beverly, Al Pacino remained in a lusty relationship for a year with acting coach Jan Tarrant and gave birth to her eldest daughter Julie Marie Pacino.

Be that as it may, Olivia is the grand daughter of Sal Pacino and Rose Gerard Pacino, while Beverly parents Gene D’Angelo and Priscilla D’Angelo, who were also a musician, links to Olivia’s family tree.

Apart from that, her early childhood went smooth being born with a silver spoon in her mouth. However, the stormy wind passed by, when her parents separated & underwent a legal custody of their children.

Olivia Pacino resides with her mother, while she’s often visited by her dad, the duo are spotted in several events together.

Olivia Pacino Education, College & Career

As far as we are concerned too, the opposing scrutiny of Al Pacino until his daughter completes her high school, created a long trail that left us clueless to know what exactly she’s grown into!

Neither information about her high school education, or her college is known to us as far. But we’ve speculated that the fine young lady has recently finished her high school in 2019.

During her graduation, Olivia looks happy with her dad.
Source: Instagram

Also, we learned that Olivia Pacino is a passionate photographer who tends to follow her father’s footstep becoming an actress.


She’s became a part of Amazon Prime Video’s series Hunters that aired from February 21, 2020.

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Scrolling the chapters of her life, we can only guess the girl is bit more of an artsy women who prefers musics and love to attend concerts.

Olivia Pacino Boyfriend – Who is she Dating today?

Scarface actor Al Pacino’s daughter is currently in a romantic relationship. Yes, according to Hollywood Daddy, the 19 years old girl has been reported dating an amateur rapper, Ryan Harly who is also a music producer. He goes by the name – nonamemadeit.

Seems like the charming lady has already been out of daddy’s harsh spell, as time abides no rules. Scrolling through her social media profile, Olivia is seen spending most of her precious time with the musician from Los Angeles.

With her true love of her life; Olivia looks stunning with her boyfriend Ryan Harley
Source: Instagram

Even though the love story of how Olivia Pacino met her boyfriend is between them, we can see the chemistry shaping a wise future.

You can check her out on photo sharing app, about her recent dating snaps and find how lucky is she to find a true love in her life. She goes by the username – oliviaxpacino.

What is Olivia Pacino Net Worth?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, being a daughter of world class actor, there’s nothing that backs off from fulfilling her desires and dreams.

Most of her daily lifestyle counts on the mouth-watering net worth of her father, which is approximately $165 Million as of 2020. However, the exact worth of Olivia is still undetermined as she’s way too young to pursue & handle her strong established career.

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Meanwhile, some of the reliable sources claim that, Olivia Pacino’s estimated net worth is $100 thousand to $1 million. But, we cannot assure if it’s legitimate.


As of now, she resides in a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

Walking inside home with her dog in Beverly Hills, CA.
Source: Instagram

Despite her father’s stardom, Olivia maintains to stay low-key lifestyle. Well, it’s only a matter of time to find out if the lucky lady spends her fortune or multiplies. Good Luck!

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