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Olivier Richters Biography – Age, Height, Diet, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki

The Dutch bodybuilder Olivier Richters is not just what you think. In fact, the 30 years old actor, as well as a model is the founder and CEO of MuscleMeat.

Olivier Richters
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Shocking the world with his astounding height and great physiques, Oliver balances his 7 feet 2 inches height, weighing 150 kg with proper diet and workout. Checkout his workout tips and diet plans including Olivier Richters biography (age, early life, childhood, education, career,) including all details about his physiques like height, weight, and other body measurements.

Who is Olivier Richters? Why is he famous? – Company

Olivier Richters is a bodybuilder from Netherland, who is also an accomplished actor as well as a model. Yes, Olivier’s nationality is Netherlands.

Similarly, he is famous for being the CEO and founder of MuscleMeat which is an online sports supermarket.

Back in November 2018, Men’s Health made him a subject of documentary while he graces the months’ cover.

Later in April 2019, Olivier Richters was interviewed by Good Morning Britain where he talked about the roles in 2020 movie Black Widow.

Above all, he admitted on how Richard Kiel became an inspiration in his life. Kiel who appeared as the henchman Jaws in two of the James Bond movie, possesses the same height as Richters.

Olivier Richters Early Life, Family, Birth Defect

Even though the actual name of Olivier parents are still behind the curtain, we’ve learned that his father’s height is 6’7″ inches (2m), while his mother’s height 5’9″ inches (1.76m).


Likewise, Olivier’s brother is also a giant as he stands 6’8″ inches (2.04m) on the ground.

Talking about Olivier Richters’ childhood, he has overcome birth defects to achieve his amazing body. Well, it’s one of a great and inspiring story.

Olivier Richters was born on 5 September 1989 in the Netherlands with a birth defect known as ‘pectus excavatum’ which can either be at birth or until puberty. This means that he had a sunken chest which required a surgery in his life.

Also, a surprising thing is his heart was 20% small, turned at a weird angle which was revealed after checking the x-ray report.

Further information regarding his education is still under review. We’ll get back to you once we come up with genuine data.

Olivier Richters Age, and Physiques (Height, Weight)

As he was born in the year 1989, Olivier Richters is 30 years old as of now.

Oliver stands at a tall height of 7 feet 2 inches, weighing 150 kg on the ground.

Moreover, the pair of blue eyes and light brown hair adds a significant look in the Dutch Giants physical appearance.


Other body measurements of Olivier, like his dress size, shoe size are still under review. We’ll be glad to notify you once we come up with genuine data. Until then, hit the bell icon.

Olivier Richters Challenging Career (Fall 7, Rise 8)

The Dutch model and a musculine icon commenced his career in bodybuilding since 2007. After being unhappy with his body, Richters wished to add some mass to his frame.

Eventually, as a noob Olivier made several mistakes in the gym, until he knew he was in the wrong direction. So, he changed up his nutrition (diet plan) and followed up a regular training which brought significant progress in his body building journey.

One of the interesting fact about Olivier is that he only weighed 197 lbs. (85kg) before he began bodybuilding. Imagine what height he endured at that time? I think around 6 feet.

With that being said, Olivier tall stature would’ve shaped a perfect career in basketball, however years later he knew that sport wasn’t meant for him.

Sad but true, Richters shortness of breath became a barrier when trying to squat or deadlift weights.

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The birth defect had a major impact on his weight journey. Thus, he decided to undergo a procedure in the recommendation of a specialist that would correct his abnormality.

A six months of recovery, and significant weight loss surely harmed his journey of body-building. But guess what? He didn’t stop there!


Despite the fact of having ten broken ribs, Olivier challenged life and continued where he’d left off. Gradually, Richter started gaining weight and he set out weight goals, which only became possible because of his determination, hard work, discipline, balanced nutrition and diet.

Diet Plan, Nutrition, Training and Workout

From the beginning of his fitness journey, Olivier followed professional advice from coaches regarding training, workout, diet and nutrition.

It helped a lot though his career while he helps other. Here are few sets of leg workout that he does:

  • Barbell Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions

For himself, he prefers natural, and diet that comprises protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to facilitate lean muscle gains. Reportedly, he consumes 6200 calories daily while some of it includes olive oil, whey, salmon, eggs, pasta and oatmeal.

Besides, Dennis Wolf and Rich Piana, was inspired from these big names in bodybuilding.

Work Hard, Play Hard (Movies)

Now, the man with no hope of getting into calisthenic career, Olivier has become the CEO of his own meat company in Netherlands.

The successful venture in his business has been widely appreciated, while opening a door of opportunity in appearing on Hollywood screen. For now, he sets out to continue his foreseeable future.

Well, Olivier appeared in the movies Black Widow (2020) and The King’s man (2020).


With that being said, we wish the mighty tough man a happy future endeavor, hope he becomes a successful actor one day and also entering the professional wrestling industry.

What is Olivier Richters’ Net Worth?

As of now, the Dutch Giant Olivier Richters has an estimated net worth of $9 Million. He amassed most of his fortune from his career as a body builder.

Besides, his company Muscle Meat also bags a huge amount of cash back home. Other information about his house, mansion, cars and luxurious details is yet to be followed.

Who is Olivier Richters’ Girlfriend?

The 30 years old body builder Olivier Richters is already off the market. He’s been dating his girlfriend for six years now.

We’ve learned that he met the love of his life back in 2014. However, the real identity of Olivier’s girlfriend is below the radar.

But, Olivier is quite a man who knows how to keep his lady, happy! Often, he post about the lucky lady in his social media profiles.





So, what did you learn from the amazing and inspiring life story of Olivier Richters? Comment down below. Don’t forget to follow up Hoodoo Child for more interesting topics.


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