Ray Liotta says “Martine Scorsese is an Unbelievable Director”

Ray Liotta, who turns 65 this December, had a long and intense talk on breaking down some of his most iconic characters, that includes his marvelous roles in ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘The Place Behind the Pines,’ ‘The Rat Pack,’ ‘Hannibal,’ ‘Heartbreakers,’ ‘Blow,’ ‘Something Wild,’ ‘The Iceman,’ ‘Shade of Blue’ ‘Field of Dreams,’ and ‘Marriage Story.’

If your watchlist checkmarks most of the ‘80s and ‘90s films, then you’ve probably stumbled upon some of the movies that Ray Liotta starred. In a video talk with GQ, the actor discusses his primitive on-screen appearance to some of his mos acclaimed characters.

Everything went ‘Wild’ & so ‘Intense’ to land on “Something Wild.”

Ray Liotta on "Something Wild"
Ray Liotta on “Something Wild”
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Moving back to the time, when he was just starting out, Ray admits he was like a dead body in the soap opera in New York. Later at 25, he quits the soap and moves to LA where literally nothing happens for five years to his career, until he lands upon the role of Melanie Griffith‘s husband in Something Wild.

Ray Liotta never watched his own movie “Field of Dreams”

Eventually, Liotta played as Shoeless Joe Jackson on the “Field of Dreams” alongside Kevin Costner. However, Ray never watched the film because of some personal issues. Ray Liotta had gone to watch the movie, but his mother was sick, which is why he left the theatre and never watched it again.

Goodfellas (1990) – “When it means something to you, hopefully, it means something to your audience”

Based on the 1985 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, Scorsese worked with Nick, co-writing the screenplay. The movie got it’s title ‘Goodfellas’ as there already exists a movie named Wiseguy, so the production team came up with the title.

Ray Liotta in goodfellas, Robert Di Niro

Repeating the cassette of the audio while at the set, on his driveway home to Jersey, Ray explains that he didn’t get the chance to meet with Henry before he prepared for the shoot. Further, he adds, “The way that I’ve learned is just doing homework. The more you think about something, the more it’s gonna mean something to you. When it means something to you, hopefully, it means something to your audience.

.”It was fun because there’s something very energizing about playing pretend with people who really are in it. And you know you really don’t realize the cameras or any of that stuffs, you’re just doing what you have to do. So, it’s great doing that.” Ray added.

” Working with Scorsese, you know you can jump up to a building, off a building, and you knew he was gonna catch you because he’s just an unbelievable director.” – Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta didn’t want to be Frank Sinatra in “The Rat Pack (1998)”

Liotta portrays the role of Frank Sinatra in the 1998 Drama/Crame “The Rat Pack.” But actually, he didn’t want to play as Frank at all.

In the intense talk about his iconic characters, Ray mentioned that he didn’t look like Sinatra or even sound like him, as everyone knew Frank. However, the common thing about Frank and Ray is that they both are from Jersey and uses the ‘F Word’ a lot.

This is not the end, but Ray also opens up about his villainous character in The Place Beyond the Pines, Hannibal, heartBREAKeRS, BLOW, The Iceman, Marriage Story, and more. Marriage Story is out on Netflix from Dec 6.

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