Is Robert Bobroczky Still Growing? His College, NBA Career, & Bio

Meet the 7-foot-7-inches tall Robert Bobroczky is so tall that he’s considered as the youngest high school basketball player alive.

Robert Bobroczky Age, Height, Weight, Stats, Net Worth
Robert and his Spire team during a match

Despite his all-effort and major publicity back some years, Robert seems to lack the potential that one NBA player must-have. What might it be?

“Is he still playing?”, “What about his NBA career?” , “Is Bobroczky still growing?”

These are the question that I’ve answered below with my honest opinion along with his bio, stats and of course about his height.

So, let’s get started.

Robert Bobroczky Short-Bio | How old is Bobroczky?

Robert Bobroczky was born in Arad, Romania on July 17, 2000. Well, that certainly makes him 19 years old as of now.

Holding  Romanian-Hungarian ethnicity, the tallest high school basketball player of Romanian national Robert is the son of father Zsiga Bobroczky and mother Brunhilde Bobroczky.

With that being said, Robert is the only child of his parents. His parents share a similar background, a distinctive feature of what family Bobroczky shares.

His father is a former basketball player while mother a volleyball player, which can be taken into consideration why the kid started rolling the ball.

In fact, Robert’s father played professional basketball from Romania’s national team alongside one of the tallest players in basketball history, Gheorghe Muresan.

Is Robert Bobroczky Still Growing? Does he have gigantism?

I think a lot of people don’t understand the difference between his condition, and somebody just being naturally tall like Kristaps Porzingis.

No, he doesn’t have gigantism, he is naturally tall. His mother was 6 feet tall and his father was over 7ft. So, it gives us a clue on why and how is Robert Bobroczky so tall, isn’t it?

7-foot-7 tallest high school basketball player at age 13
Robert Bobroczky at age 13.

With that being said, he also doesn’t have a tumor, rather he’s been reported of having scoliosis, which is a sideways curvature of the spine because of what it seems the abnormal-height.

We’ve also learned that the kid has developed a pain in his knees as he grew, which will definitely have its long-term effect in its own way.

When Robert was fourteen years of age, his dad and mom took him for a week of tests at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington.

At every turn, the doctors studied about Bobroczky so-called unusual growth. When he was 7-6, the doctors even feared if he’s ever going to stop growing.

Well, Robert Bobroczky has stopped growing. Or at least we’ve seen him from his recent highlights.

From what I know, I think it’s almost impossible to grow after the age of 18. As he’s already turned 19, we won’t expect to have a growth further.

And like I mentioned earlier, he doesn’t have a gigantism, and a boy with a normal growth will surely stop growing beyond.

Robert Bobroczky Height, Weight, & Physiques

Being a subject to medical science, Robert’s report suggests that his height is the result of genetics.

By the age of eight, Robert had already grown up his mother’s height by one inch tall. And when he was 12, little Robert became taller than his father. At that time, he already stood 7 feet and 2 inches on the ground.

7-foot-7 tallest high school basketball player at young
Robert does not have Gigantism

Well I think that summons up why Robert now has an eye-catching height of 7 feet 7 inches (2.31 m).

Had it not been for the curvy spine, he would have been more taller. I possibly think as the tallest man on Earth.

His spine affected his neck bend, and his knees as well. If not, he’d definitely been way taller than 8 foot 5.

Talking about Roberts’ weight, we’ve learned that last year his weight increased from 190 lb to 220 lb (100 kg). Currently, Bobroczky stands 225 lb (102 Kg).

I’m glad that he’s been healthy and gaining weight. I hope he’d be more efficient in the days to come.

Fun fact: “Imagine if this guy as tall he is, gain a lot of muscular mass He’d be like a huge bodybuilder.”

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The tallest high school basketball player wears a shoe size of 17 (US), and 53 (EU).

Robert Bobroczky College & Education

At the age of thirteen, Robert was discovered by Spire Academy when a YouTube video of him, at 7-foot-3 in his age went viral playing for an amateur club in Italy.

Since then he’s been featured on top magazines like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The New York Times and other outlets.

He was viewed as an ultimate basketball project and got a scholarship that covered Spire’s $55k/year tuition.

Yes and he’s currently in taking his high school classes at Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

Before that, he attended Grand River Academy as well as the United States Olympic Training Center.

Does he have any crush on his high school? Does Robert Bobroczky have a girlfriend? – I seriously don’t know. I’ll leave it to you to comment below if she has.

Robert Bobroczky Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Girlfriend
Robert Bobroczky

Future NBA Career? Is He Still Playing?

Meeting his father’s teammate Gheorghe Muresan at the age of twelve, changed his perspective about his height. Significantly, it boosted his mentality positively which led him to choose the career as he like.

However, fate seems not to be on the kids’ side whose underweight has determined the career for the NBA.

Any pro club would not risk their players’ life whose height would limit their playing time. ‘Rob Bob’ has been limited for 5-10 minutes a game.

Also, he didn’t practice hard as his teammate LaMelo Ball, which could’ve worsened his health.

Making his debut with SPIRE on the 14th of January, 2017, he’s been enjoying his journey with the institute in Geneva, Ohio.

I personally think that instead of going on pro, he must stay with his passion, taking good measures of health and treatment that will open doors for him not to leave the ball on the ground.

Some reliable media outlets reported that Robert Bobroczky net worth is above $20k. That’s his earning I think. Well, if he’s been earning then there might be a chance to see the boy on Television.

Here’s A Quick Facts Mentioned Above

Facts of Robert

Date of Birth: 2000, July 17
Age: 19 years old
Birth Nation: Hungary
Height: 7 Feet 8 Inch
Birth Name Robert Bobroczkyi
Birth Place Arad, Romania
Famous Name Robert Bobroczkyi
Horoscope Cancer
Father Zsigmond Bobroczky
Weight 225 lb (102 kg)
Position in Team Center
Current team SPIRE Institute
Nationality Hungarian
Ethnicity White
Profession Basketball player
Pro Team Mate LaMelo Ball
School attended Grand River Academy

That’s all about Rob. If I miss anything then feel free to leave me a message.

Source: 7-foot-7 basketball player Robert Bobroczky is a star attraction despite rarely playing


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