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Sidney Flanigan made a remarkable acting debut in the 2020 drama Never Rarely Sometimes Always. The 21 years old newcomer, who works as a custodian, is quite fond of music.

Let’s get to know in detail of Sidney Flanigan. Below, you can find the coverage of Sidney Flanigan latest news and updates including her biography.

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American actress as well as Never Rarely Sometimes Always star, Movies, and Debut
American Actress and Musician Sidney Flanigan

Who is Sidney Flanigan? Movies, & Debut

For Sidney, reproductive rights and women’s rights have always been important concerns. That is the reason why Flanigan signed on to play a 17-year-old girl facing an unintended pregnancy.

“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” – Sidney’s Debut Film

A new face to the screen, Sidney Flanigan is an American actress, who came to limelight after her major breakthrough in the 2020 American-British drama film ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always‘.

Co-produced by the BBC, the film tackles the political and socially divisive issue of abortion in the United States of America through a melancholic, inspired and emotional coming-of-age tale.

Written and directed by Eliza Hittman, the movie showcases a life of two teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania who travels to New York City on a fraught journey of friendship, bravery, and compassion in an attempt to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.

Eliza Hittman’s third movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always won the Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival and the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the Berlinale.

Sidney Flanigan was mapped as a talent to watch after the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

But Life Still Goes On…

Sidney Flanigan is a custodian and that’s her day job off-screen.

After she made a wonderful performance in her debut film, life has been going little surreal to the custodian from New York.

During an interview with People, Sidney noted how all the employees where she works, take time to say ‘hi’, asking a lot of questions and hyping her. She feels a little surreal but also funny and sweet.

“But at the end of the day it’s not as if I transformed into some new higher being or anything.” – Sidney Flanigan

“The entire experience of becoming this star in a movie is super exciting and I feel proud of myself but at the same time very humbled and my life back at home keeps me tethered to reality and my values,” she told People.

Moreover, Sidney told that she feels like herself doing her work, playing cards in the break room, and most importantly the rejoice of how the regular life carries on.

Education, Early Career & Music

Information regarding her high school education and a college degree is still under review. We’ll get back to you as soon as we come up with genuine reports.

We’ve learned that Sidney, who had never acted before, was reached out by director Eliza as she’d seen videos of Flanigan playing music, something that she’s done since her early teenage years.

Music Is In Blood Of Sidney Flanigan

Sidney comes from a musical background. She says that her grandmother was a punk rocker in the ’70s while her dad was in a band.

Her world was full of musicians banging into her ear as a child. Band members who came for touring used to sleep on her living room floor, and it was when she learned to play instruments. She first picked up a violin and later a guitar, writing songs on her own.

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The singer-songwriter from New York, Sidney did few bands in Buffalo area and now she tours with her ‘SUS’ band members Adam Smith, Zach Gannon, and Nicky. She goes by the stage name Sid The Kidd.

Eliza Discovered Flanigan Through Music

Had it not been for a taste in music, Flanigan would not have appeared in the movie. I mean, she may have by hook or a crook, but we’ve known that Sidney was discovered by the director through music.

She recalls her memory and mentioned that she met Hittman when she was just 14 years old. Back in 2012, Eliza’s husband was making a film in Buffalo, where Sidney lived and still does.

One day, Eliza visited the shooting and appeared at the wedding that was held in a backyard at a house. Sidney was there too, but with a shaved head wearing a wig.

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It was then Eliza spotted her and looked as if she was interested in her. Later she followed Flanigan through Facebook. Over the years, Sidney Flanigan posted her original music and covers.

That being said, Sidney admitted that Eliza Hittman reached out to her asking to audition for a role “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”.

How old is Sidney Flanigan? Age, Birthday, & Family

The beautiful American actress Sidney Flanigan was born in 1999 in Buffalo, New York.

Young Siddo, Age, Birthday, Early Life, Childhood
Little Siddo

As a millennials, Gen Z-ers, she spoke with Elle that those who come after us will bear the brunt of actions being taken by conservative politicians today.

She stands at a tall height of 5 ft. 9 inches on the ground.

Information about her parents (father and mom) are still under the dark. Nonetheless, she shared a warm message on her Instagram during Mothers’ Day.

Also, to the young who started out as a solo artist, her dad told it’s like that she melts into the song and then the song melts around her.

She has a sibling sister named Olivia Flanigan.


Now she loves the idea of sharing that little world of her with the amazing band she’s joined in 2018.

Who is Sidney Flanigan’s Boyfriend? Is she dating or single?

Possibly, yes! Sidney has kept her personal life apart despite the huge attention after her debut film created a buzz in the entertainment industry.

Flanigan is currently single and not dating any boyfriend. However, that does not mean she has someone special in her life.

She might as well be in a secret relationship. But as far as we can speculate, she’s currently focused on her career rather than indulging in a romantic relationship with any boyfriend.

Flanigan can be seen with her bandmates and other singers as well. Almost every time, she holds the guitar in her hand, and moves around having a wonderful time in gigs and concert.

Nonetheless, we hope that she meets the true love of her life, and expect some good news anywhere soon.

Have You Seen? Sidney Flanigan has a message for politicians sneaking in anti-abortion policy under the guise of public safety.


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