Two Point Perspective Drawing: Definition, Uses & How To Draw

Two Point Perspective, also considered as the corner of a building is commonly used for drawing buildings or interiors.

Drawn in between the two vanishing points, sometimes crossing over the horizon line, there are some receding lines drawn next from each end of the corner to each one of the vanishing points.

Confusing right? In this article we’re going to take a look at ‘What is Two Point Perspective?,’ ‘How you can use two point perspective to create the illusion of space and three-dimensional forms in the drawing.

What Is A Two Point Perspective? – Definition & Uses

To understand ‘2 Point Perspective’, first we should know about the rules of perspective. Simply, creating the illusion of depth and distance on a flat surface is ‘Perspective’.

Basically, there are three kinds of perspective: one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and three-point perspective.

The aforementioned number in the classified perspective refers to the number of vanishing points that are present while drawing the illusion of space and depth.

Two Point Perspective Drawing, Definition, and it's uses
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Here’s an example of what – numbers denote in perspective drawing.

As you can see in the above picture, the 3D objects are placed on a flat surface, adjoining straight lines drawn from the two vanishing points.

Generally, a Two Point Perspective drawing is defined as a graphical or an artistic technique of representing a 3D object in two dimensions, where the parallel lines of it’s two dimensions seems to be converging towards the two vanishing points.

Now that you’ve known what 2-point perspective is, you might be wondering where it is used and for what purpose.

As it looks more natural, you must have your hands down creating two point perspective drawing than compared to One Point Perspective. Two points create an illusion of giving additional texture in drawings of buildings or interior as it acts as the corner of a building.

Drawings in two-point perspective reflects more depth. Objects in these perspective drawings appear more natural and dimensional.

Two Point Perspective Drawings (Buildings, & City)

If boredom hits you down the street, then you can take time to notice two point perspective through your eyes.

Simply look at one end and try the other, referencing the far end as a vanishing point (VP). I bet you can find it interesting how the buildings of the city tends to look smaller as your eyes slowly moves further down the blocks.

That my friend, is an art, an illusion of what we call a Two Point Perspective.

Below are some images that can give you more of an idea what it’s like to see through a real three-dimensional objects in 2 Point Perspectives.

Two Point Perspective city image
A picture of 2-Point Perspectives’ city

How To Draw 3D Object/Building Using Two Point Perspective

The definition of it might be confusing. However, I believe you’ve slightly figured out how actually to give a shape to any object, or a building around the street into two point perspective.

Now if you want to create your first simple 2 point perspective drawing than let me help you in the most easiest way.

Down below I’ve taken a time in describing the method of drawing an object for you. But before creating your imagination, you’ll need to have couple of things ready:

  • Paper – to bring your imagination into life
  • Pencil – any brand will do fine
  • Eraser – just to make sure you learn perfectly before going professional
  • Ruler – to make sure your vanishing points are straight

Step-By-Step Guide To Draw A Box Using Second Perspective Method

Step 1: Use your ruler to adjust a horizontal line on a two vanishing points. On the edges of the line, mark the vanishing points with a dot or a small vertical line, whichever eases you.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 1

(Note: Make sure to lightly press your pencil so that the line doesn’t gets dark which makes it harder to erase later) 

Step 2: Sketch down the front edge of box on a vertical line below or above the line you drew on step one. In my case, I made the line below the VP.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 2

(Note: Imagine your picture perfectly, as you must allocate the distance of your object from the VP. I suggest you making the lines at least an inch apart, though it’s not necessary) 

Step 3: Join both right and left vanishing points to the top and bottom of the line that we’ve drawn in step two.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 3

(Note: Be sure to draw a smooth and light line)

Step 4: Depending on whether you’d like to make a square box or a rectangle, draw a straight line in between the triangle-shaped figure as show below.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 4

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Step 5: Now here’s the real deal. You must be tricky on creating the next line as this will shape how the back part of your box will look. From the end points of the lines we’ve made in Step 4, cross a straight path to the vanishing points of Step 1 like we’ve done earlier.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 5

Step 6: The box is not complete yet. You should create one last line at the back of the box as I’ve mentioned below pointing from point A to point B.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 6

Step 7: Your first 2 point perspective drawing will be ready after you erase the extra vanishing lines, leaving the box you’ve meant to draw in the middle.

2 point perspective Illustration: Step 7


Here’s a more in-depth tutorial by The Virtual Instructor

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