Willa Hoffman – Biography of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Daughter

The world is full of surprises. Some good and others’ are horrible. The direst hour is the death of anyone’s parents. Similar is the case of Willa Hoffman, daughter of American actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Willa Hoffman Biography: Age, Birthday, Parents
Willa enjoying an oceanic view in her mother’s arm and alongside father, sister.
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After ‘The Master’ star died from an alleged drug overdose in 2014, his family still mourns the death of the beloved American personality.

Time goes on and so do we. Likewise, Philip’s children are growing beautiful; thanks to her mother who never lets them feel a lack of dad’s love.

Let’s take a look at Willa Hoffman’s biography, including her latest updates and how her mother nurtures her with all the love, care, and affection.

Willa Hoffman Family Tree & Relatives

Let’s take a look at Willa’s family chart.


Willa Hoffman is the grandchildren of Gordon S. Hoffman and Marilyn O’Connor via her dad Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Her grandfather Gordon Hoffman was a business executive while her grandmother was an American judge, lawyer, and civil rights activist.

Gordon who followed Protestantism possessed German-American ethnicity.

Marilyn’s ethnicity was Irish-American who followed the Irish Catholic religion.


Willa Hoffman is the daughter of American actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and Costume designer, Mimi O’Donnell.

Hoffman met Mimi O’Donnell in 1999, while Philip was directing the play In Arabia We’d All Be Kings. We have learned that she fell in love with Philip in the fall of 2001, and got pregnant the following year.

Philip and Mimi shared three children altogether. Willa is the youngest of Philips’ three children.


Cooper Alexander Hoffman, who was born in March 2003 is the eldest sibling of Willa Hoffman. Cooper is seventeen years old as of now.

Tallulah Hoffman is the eldest daughter of Capote‘s actor and his partner. Born in the year 2006, Tallulah is 13 years old as of now.

Uncle & Aunts

Her uncle Gordy Hoffman, who was born on Oct 19, 1964, is a screenwriter, film director, teacher, playwright, as well as a film producer.

Similarly, Willa Hoffman has two aunt Jill Hoffman, and Emily Hoffman.

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Willa Hoffman Early Life & Education

Willa was just six years old when her father died. Anyone should feel what it’s like to grow up without a father, especially at the most crucial stage of life.

Just when a child starts to know about life and death, Willa Hoffman felt it and couldn’t help much. Nevertheless, her mother stood behind the kids’ every moment nourishing them with proper care and attention.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Family: Kids, Daughter, Son, Partner
Willa Hoffman with her siblings and parents. 

With her siblings, Willa spent most of her childhood in the West Village of New York City. Her dad was an addict who was recovering at that time.

Philip’s children attended a public school in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. “He went very quiet about his business with his children,” CNN’s Rose Arce, whose daughter attended school with his children mentioned.

Willa Hoffman Age & Birthday

The youngest daughter of iconic Hollywood actor Willa Hoffman was born in the year 2008. Her birthday is still behind the curtain.

Willa Hoffman is 13 years old as of now.

Once in an interview with The Independent, Philip mentioned that he wanted to keep his personal life cryptic. He clarified his choice of not speaking about family matters to the media.

“Somebody wanted me to talk about my personal life. Talking about my personal life to a journalist is risky? It doesn’t make any sense. That’s just a choice. There’s nothing risky in talking about your personal life. People do it all the time. That’s not about risk. It’s just about somebody wanting to talk about their personal life to the press. I’d rather not because my family doesn’t have any choice. If I talk about them in the press, I’m giving them no choice. So I choose not to.”

Also,  in 2008, Philip told that parenting tired him out due to a hectic schedule. But he loved his kids very much. He had a great relationship with his children which anyone would admire. Anyway, I feel sad for them.

Father’s Net Worth To Partner, Not Kids!

Willa Hoffman’s dad Philip bagged Oscar for portraying the role of Truman Capote in 2005 Crime/Drama ‘Capote‘. From ‘The Master’ to ‘Scent of A Woman’, this man was a true genius. I personally love his acting more than any other, not forgetting Daniel Day-Lewis, and Al Pacino.

Philip Hoffman had a net worth of $35 Million at the time of his death. In 2014, Today.com published an article titled “Philip Seymour Hoffman leaves $35M fortune to partner instead of kids”.

Yes, Moneyball star left his estimated $35 million fortune to his longtime partner, Mimi O’Donnell, mother of Willa Hoffman.

But why Hoffman didn’t leave any of his estates to his kids? According to documents filed in Manhattan’s Surrogate Court, Philip had told his accountant that he “did not want his children to be considered ‘trust fund’ kids.”

It was a good choice indeed, as their kids will lack the drive and ambition to get ahead with huge inheritance.

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How did Philip Seymour Hoffman die?

According to law enforcement sources, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment on February 2, 2014 after a 911 emergency call from a friend.

Willa Hoffman during her fathers funeral
Willa and her family mourn during her father’s funeral.

Reports claim that Philip was found with a syringe in his arm. CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton reported that there were glassine envelopes in the apartment believed to have contained heroin.

The funeral service was at St. Ignatius Of Loyola on February 7, 2014, in New York City.

“The kids and I are still in a place where that fact is there every day. We talk about him constantly, only now we can talk about him without instantly crying,” Mimi O’Donnell admitted to Vogue in 2017.

The US Weekly reported that he was supposed to watch the Super Bowl with his son.

Moreover, we’ve learned that Hoffman and his partner made plans to set up rehab for him after he returned from “The Hunger Games” shooting in 2014. Three days later, he died.

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